Capital Campaign Management

Partners’ Capital Campaign Management services help a congregation build a successful plan toward their fundraising goals. Partners’ focus on the internal assets within each congregation strengthens internal fundraising efforts and can result in increased annual giving. With Partner’s support, congregations can engage civic leaders and stakeholders, partner with community institutions, and build a strong case for the public value of an historic sacred place, leading to successful community-wide fundraising efforts.

Maximize Support from Your Members and the Wider Community

No two congregations are the same, and it follows that no two successful capital campaigns can be the same. Partners works with each of its clients to design and implement a fundraising strategy that represents and celebrates the congregation’s distinctive history, heritage, and culture. Partners provides comprehensive consulting services that address both the internal and external components of a successful campaign.

The Silent Phase: Successful campaigns require a significant amount of time devoted to research and planning in order to develop and implement successful fundraising strategies for the congregation’s unique identity and situation. Partners guides congregational leadership to complete the necessary steps for a successful public phase:

  • Build a strong infrastructure of leadership to steer the campaign
  • Develop a compelling case statement for support
  • Identify potential donors and their capacity for giving
  • Design attractive campaign materials
  • Implement an effective media strategy
  • Identify and train volunteers
  • Solicit top donors to meet 30% – 40% of the campaign goal before Public Phase

The Public Phase: After laying a strong foundation for the campaign during the Silent Phase, Partners assists the congregation to confidently launch into the Public Phase. Open solicitation of congregation and community members and the beginning of capital project work characterize the Public Phase. Partners works with the congregation in the following activities to meet (or exceed!) the campaign goal:

  • Plan a public launch celebration
  • Train volunteer solicitors
  • Coordinate giving events
  • Implement an effective follow-up strategy
  • Evaluate the success of the campaign to inform future fundraising efforts

Additional Services: Along with the basic service plan for a successful capital campaign, Partners provides services that can strengthen the congregation’s reach and appeal, which are often recommended based on results from the initial study.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Economic Halo Effect of Sacred Places®
  • Space-Use Assessment and Training
  • Asset-Mapping
  • Design Charette
  • Financial Stewardship Training
  • Grant Writing
Capital Campaign Management

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